Newbury Center

  • The Newbury Center provides space for first-generation students to be supported at Boston University.
  • The center offers support for navigating the financial aid system and developing financial literacy, cohort and mentoring programs to foster a sense of belonging, and programs and systems to help students know where to turn to for academic support.
  • The center is designed to ensure that first-generation students experience the same sense of well-being, belonging, self-efficacy, and academic accomplishment as their continuing-generation peers.  

The Newbury Center basically is like a community center for first-generation students. There's always lots of students coming in and out, even like teachers and faculty will show up. And it's just definitely a place where not only can you get like studying done and, you know, you could just relax but to get help or receive support that you're probably lacking from, you know, being the first in your family to go to college.

So we have a ton of resources here at the Newbury center. I mean, obviously, if you walk in the center, we have free coffee and ramen. Especially as a student who's not on a meal plan, it's really nice to just be able to grab it and go. And then we have a ton of workshops, we just did one on how to negotiate in the workplace. And we'll have stuff like resume workshops, study abroad workshops.

So the biggest thing I would say to any first-gen student coming to BU is come to the Newbury Center. All the staff here are first-gen students, which is really important to cultivate that empathy for students. And it's really nice to come to a space and know that you are inherently understood.

I always say this, but like the senator saved my life in a way. I came from a place where I had nothing. I had nobody. They literally helped me physically be here, with plane tickets, things like that, like everything. They helped me to be here and whenever I need anything, this center is the first place that's like, "Okay, we got the solution, that solution a solution." You know, some people have their mom, their dad. I don't have any of that and the center gave me all of that and more.

Taking that leap into college is definitely going to be difficult. It's not going to be easy, but it's not impossible, and it will be okay. And the most important thing is to reach out for help. You have resources, you have a place here for you that wants you to succeed. It's built on your success.