Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences

  • The Center for Computing & Data Sciences. BU’s newest and boldest academic building houses classrooms, labs, and workspaces for the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS), departments of Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Science, BU Spark!, a technology incubator and experiential learning lab, and the Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering.
  • Grounded in statistical, algorithmic, and software engineering methodologies, CDS programs equip students with the lifelong competencies necessary for careers in a world increasingly shaped by machine learning and AI technologies.
  • The center is nineteen stories high, 345,000 square feet, and the most sustainable and energy-efficient building in BU’s history.
  • The heating and cooling come from 31 geothermal wells!



Hello everyone, welcome to the Center for Computing and Data Sciences. This is our newest and tallest building on campus. Come on in for a tour!

Here on the first floor of the Center for Computing and Data Sciences, we have a lot of wide open study spaces as well as Saxby's where students can purchase coffee, smoothies, and other breakfast items.

This building has a commitment to sustainability, green efforts, carbon neutrality, and being 100% fossil fuel free. The building has cutting edge exterior shades to control solar heat gain inside. There is also triple glazed glass which keeps heat in the building during winter months.

I really enjoy the first floor of this space because of the natural lighting, the open spaces that foster collaborative environments, as well as the open and innovative staircase design that encourages movement around the building.

Up here on the second floor, we have BU Spark. This is an experiential learning lab. Here at BU Spark students receive support for their real-world technology projects as well as applied research. This building has a variety of classrooms, event spaces, and study spaces. Right now, I'm in one of those collaborative study spaces and there's individual study spaces behind me as well as offices all around. Additionally, there are some pretty awesome 360-views of the city.

This centrally located building brings together students and professors across majors and disciplines -- our diverse faculty that come from 23 departments and 10 of Boston University's schools and colleges, bringing together data science expertise in everything from theology to engineering.

The unique design of this building makes it visible even across the river in Cambridge. It also adds a unique flair of Boston University to the city skyline. It is an icon not only for Boston University, but also the City of Boston. Its pioneering architecture efficiently uses space vertically to align with an urban campus.

Thanks for hanging out with me on tour today. If you're ever in Boston, you should definitely check out the Center for Computing and Data Sciences here at Boston University. Bye now!