Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

  • Wheelock prepares you for careers where you can make a meaningful difference and opens doors to many opportunities in fields such as teaching, counseling, research, and more. 
  • While working toward your degree in education & human development, you’ll choose a professional pathway in one of five areas: Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Deaf Studies, Educational Design for Transformative Social Futures, Teaching & Learning, or Youth Development & Justice 
  • The combination of coursework, field-based experiences such as practicums or internships, and research opportunities will provide you with hands-on, real-world experiences and prepare you for a future of success.

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I am Joé Deriso. I am a senior here at the Wheelock College of Education at Boston University, and I am from Rhode Island.

The Wheelock College of Education is a very cozy, tight knit community. We're studying to be able to help students get a successful future just like ourselves. The learning laboratories here at Boston University are something that I've never seen before. We have a school where people can go and observe students and see how they react in certain situations and bring that back to our classes and talk about how it affects education.

In the beginning stages, you're observing what the teacher in the classroom is doing, but once you do get into your junior and senior year, you're able to really actually become a teacher or a teacher assistant and really see what it's like. Boston University has a partnership with Boston Public Schools, which have urban and suburban schools that we're able to go into and get experience.

We are trained to be able to handle all types of issues that students might be dealing with-- personal issues or issues with their sense of who they are themselves. So being able to get that experience before you're applying for a job is a great way to just get your foot in the door and know exactly what you want.

Being able to be a part of Wheelock College of Education is one of the most rewarding and one of the most beneficial things to my education. It is such a great place for me to learn, and I can't wait to put my practices on what I'm learning into the actual field.

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