Campus Laboratories

  • As a top ranked research University, BU is home to more than 2,300 labs
  • There are labs for nearly every discipline taught at BU, such as the biology and chemistry labs at the Metcalf Center for Science & Engineering, the Early Childhood Learning Lab in the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, or the Robotics Lab and Wind Tunnel Lab for engineering students
  • More than $1 million in funding through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) ensures undergraduates get into these labs to work alongside faculty on research projects in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, education, arts, and more

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Hi, my name is Justin Fogliasso. I'm from Orange County, California, and I'm studying biology with a specialization in ecology and conservation biology.

I think what makes BU research stand out is just the variety of experiences, and it's very hands-on.

BU is actually home to over 2,300 labs for pretty much every single academic discipline. You're going to be working in traditional lab. You're also going to be doing research outside a laboratory.

The Metcalf Science Center is pretty much where you're going to have a lot of your classes-- biology labs in it, physics labs, chemistry labs-- so you're going to get that hands-on experience right away, applying what you're learning in lecture in the lab. But also, it's preparing you for the rest of your undergraduate years because you feel more comfortable approaching professors, asking them to join their lab. Because really getting your foot in the door for that first lab is a huge step.

All the classes, you're going to be having some sort of different experience, and some of the labs are really unique. You get to go places where you can actually travel and do research through a program or even with professors. They do a lot of field research, and if you work with a professor, you actually go with them.

The engineering students actually have access to the wind tunnel lab, where they can go in there and test whatever they're studying in class at the time.

The research here at BU is very tailored towards what you're going to be doing as a career after you graduate. The Build Lab is this really cool new facility. You can go in there with any single idea that you might have, and they have professionals there that can help you kind of jumpstart your idea, connect you with people. You can go in there, do your own research, use their equipment, study what you want to study, so then later on in life, you can continue your own research.