• The BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center is a collaborative workspace for BU Terriers to launch ideas, collaborate, and get inspired. It offers meeting rooms, a lounge area, coworking space, and plenty of coffee
  • Students are connected with the resources – from design and prototyping to legal advice and marketing – to turn ideas and projects into actions that make meaningful impact
  • Signature programs include coaching and office hours; competitions & funding; skill building workshops; networking opportunities; and student club collaborations
  • Each year, Innovate@BU hosts hundreds of events, including a Monthly Idea Night, New Venture Competition, the 10-week Summer Accelerator program, Innovation Week and the IDEA Conference

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Hello my name is Paul Ferreyra, and I'm a senior in the College of Engineering, majoring in electrical and computer engineering.

Innovate@BU is a campus-wide initiative allowing students of all majors to basically learn about innovation and entrepreneurship, while also allowing students like myself to bring their ideas into reality.

Some of the signature programs Innovate@BU has to offer are Advice and Office Hours. Basically, meet one-on-one with an expert in our industry, and they give us advice as to how to grow our company.

Another resource that we can use is the Build Lab, a collaborative workspace environment where they offer lounge areas, 24 hour access to co-working spaces. The Build Lab is open to every major.

I personally came from the College of Engineering. I didn't really know anything about marketing or legal. Throughout the Build Lab, they basically taught me really all the steps that it takes besides just the technical aspect of a business to really make a company.

Innovate@BU actually hosts hundreds of events, some at the Build Center and some not. These events are workshops about how to start your business. They also have legal advice, where Cyberlaw Clinic and the EIC help you get incorporated, help you with founder's equity, basically all the legal issues that surround a business. They provide all of that support, and it's all for free.

Many of the people that start with Innovate@BU, like myself, really don't know too much about the program. But by the end of the program, they really bring whatever idea they had completely to fruition and bring it to life.