Joan and Edgar Booth Theater

  • The 250-seat theatre serves as a 21st century learning environment to educate the next generation of artists
  • The purposeful, flexible design of the Booth Theatre allows for the evolution of performances and a deep engagement with audiences with tools such as seating risers, a trap door, and creative lighting
  • It also houses the College of Fine Arts Production Center, a 75,000-square-foot space that includes a state-of-the-art Light and Sound lab and high-bay spaces for constructing, painting, and moving scenery and sets.
  • The upper floors offer classrooms and studios for teaching lighting, sound, costume, and scenery design
  • The BU Arts Initiative ensures that the arts are fundamental to the BU student experience inside and outside of the classroom

[music playing]

I'm Nicholas Walker. I study theater arts in the College of Fine Arts, and I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Joan and Edgar Booth Theater is basically a place where us, as actors and design teams, are able to collaborate freely. This building has been in the works for a very, very long time. It opened in January of last year.

The theater space is really allowing for a lot of productions to be done. It can be set up as a thrust, as an arena, as a proscenium. It is able to become whatever configuration you want it to become.

It houses our design and production program. We have a plethora of design majors who are able to take classes there-- lighting designers, sound designers, costume designers. We have stage management, production management. So whatever you choose to major in, your course of study is able to be taught in that building too.

With the Booth Theater, we're able to cross the disciplines. It's about creating a sense of communities among all artists. And it's not just for us as theater makers. It's for anybody who wants to create, really giving them the ability to follow their own artistic freedoms, allowing everybody to just really be able to work as one community.

We aren't just BU College of Fine Arts. We're BU College of Fine Arts, and we have a state of the art building where we're able to put on main stage productions that can be as big and extravagant as we want them to be. It feels magical.