610 Beacon Street

  • As BU’s oldest dorm, it was one of the finest hotels in Boston and a favorite of many famous baseball players due to its proximity to Fenway Park
  • Recently rennovated, it features nine floors of double and single rooms in suites for approximately 730 students
  • As a LEED Gold certified building, 610 Beacon Street features energy and water efficient systems and fixtures
  • In the heart of Kenmore Square, it houses a mailroom, laundry room, bike room, game room, common kitchen, AC, music practice rooms, and more
  • It also is home to the Global House Living-Learning Community, which welcomes students who are passionate about languages and cultures

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Hey, everyone. My name is Elika, and I'm here to give you guys a tour of Myles Standish Hall.

So Myles Standish is BU's oldest dormitory. Back in the 1920s, it was one of the finest hotels of its time, and some of the most famous baseball players used to stay here just because of its close proximity to Fenway Park.

Myles Standish features nine floors of single and double rooms and suites, and about 730 students live here. Some of its key features include a common kitchen, mail room, bike room, and its laundry room. Fun fact, we also have a Ben and Jerry's and Starbucks machine right here. Here in Myles Standish, we have a lot of spaces for you guys to study, have fun with your friends, and build a community.

Myles Standish is super convenient. The BU bus stop is right outside of its doors. There are a variety of food sources all around Myles Standish Hall, including Marciano Commons. It's also right around the corner from the beloved Fenway Park.

Thank you for taking a tour of Myles Standish with me. I hope to see you soon on campus.

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