Study Spaces on Campus

  • With rigorous and challenging courses, BU has plenty of places to study and prepare for those exams and papers
  • Enjoy the city view at the top floor of Stuvi2, find a quiet spot in Mugar Memorial Library, meet for a group project in a huddle room at the CAS Think Tank, or grab a bite while you review your notes in the George Sherman Union – there are no shortage of study space options
  • These are just a few of the most popular on-campus study spaces, but students also enjoy studying at local coffee shops along Commonwealth Avenue, such as Café Nero, Pavement Coffeehouse, or Blue State Coffee

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Hi, I'm Emme. I'm from Houston, Texas. And I'm majoring in graphic design and minoring in biology and psychology.

I like to study in places that keep me productive and focused on the work that I'm doing. The most common study spots are 26th floor of Stuvi2. It's a very quiet study lounge. So you're able to focus on all of your tasks and what you need to do.

The GSU is the George Sherman Union. It's centralized on campus. And there are several different options for you to eat lunch or dinner. And then also Starbucks available for your caffeine needs.

If you're looking for somewhere to study for a long period of time, I recommend to go to the Think Tank in CAS. What's really neat about it is that there are four different rooms where you can go in, close the door, and there are whiteboards available.

The Educational Resource Center at BU is a very great resource for whenever you need help with studying for biology or any of your classes. There's also the writing center, which you can book an appointment with another student trained to help you with your writing and writing essays for your classes.

Because of the wide variety of study spaces that BU offers, it encourages students to take advantage of the study spots. And whenever you're studying, you're able to also be inspired by the people around you and the space around you.