Internships & Research Abroad


There are a lot of different types of research and internship opportunities abroad overseas. I had the opportunity to study abroad in our London internship program. So I ran events in different public policy areas, worked with members of Parliament and members of the House of Lords to help create effective public policy, and so that was really exciting.

I know students who have studied in Geneva, Switzerland and worked at the WHO. I interned in Madrid, Spain and worked for the Department of Education. And there are pretty much countless opportunities to intern and study abroad on almost every continent.

BU has a wealth of research opportunities abroad as well. For students interested in biology or ecology, you could study in Ecuador and do our Tropical Ecology Program, which involves doing research on the coast of South America in the rainforests and doing your own fieldwork there and a whole semester in South America.

So I think the program here is really unique, because they help you find exactly what it is that you want to be doing. You will tell them what you prefer and whether you want to work at a big company, small company, what exact field you would like to be working in, and the type of work that you want to be doing. And they'll do their best to really match you with exactly what you want to be studying. It eliminates that entire stress of having to find that internship or research opportunity on your own.

Studying abroad and interning abroad was one of the most enriching experiences that I've ever had. It gave me the opportunity to see the world in a new way, not just by studying there and being around other students, but actually being in the workplace and having coworkers and having a host family. It really kind of embedded me right into the culture. We are increasingly more and more a part of a globalized world, and it's important for us to know what that really means firsthand.