Study Abroad

  • BU offers more than 80 study abroad programs on five different continents
  • You can study language, liberal arts, fine arts, science, business, engineering, or pursue an internship in almost every corner of the world
  • While studying abroad, many students complete internships spanning from a Buenos Aires, Argentina Cultural Studies Summer Internship, to a Sydney, Australia Travel Writing Internship, and everything in between 
  • Nearly half of all BU students study abroad, making BU 12th of all universities sending students overseas

Boston University is one of the first universities to establish a study abroad program, and it is definitely one of the most prestigious in the world. There are 100 study abroad programs in 25 different countries and six continents.

A lot of study abroad programs even include internships where you'll be automatically placed with a business or non-profit or other organization in the country of your choosing.

BU has one of the top ranked study abroad programs. They send so many students abroad to a wealth of different countries. And that really does have the standard for study abroad.

Well over half of all students at Boston University actually participate in study abroad programs. It's a super popular thing to do here.

A lot of my friends are in Australia right or Shanghai, London.

I had an amazing experience living with a host family, taking classes at a local university, and getting to travel all around the country.

My study abroad experience at Boston University is definitely my favorite BU experience so far.