Global BU

  • BU is ranked #41 among Best National Universities by U.S. News & World Report
  • BU’s faculty, students, and scholars hail from more than 130 countries
  • BU has the 10th largest population of international students in the US
  • Each year, our faculty and students pursue research, study, and service on all seven continents
  • Global awareness is infused in the curriculum at BU, providing a global perspective to your learning
  • As a graduate, you will join an impressive network of alumni living in 180+ of the world's 196 countries
  • BU is a Peace Corps’ “Top College” and BU alumna Carrie Hessler-Radelet served as the director of the organization

Hi, my name is Jake Murphey. I'm a BFA theater arts major, and I'm from Sacramento, California.

Changing the world is part of our identity here at BU. Every year, we field thousands of students and researchers overseas, post thousands of international students and scholars on our two campuses, and offer a curriculum infused with global consciousness.

The curriculum itself, it's very accepting of the global environment. It's not just about the region around us. They make us think about what else is going on, and how we can help around the world. There's students from over 100 countries here.

And on different parts of the globe, we have hundreds of research programs, teaching programs, and service programs on all seven continents. Both when you're attending BU and once you graduate, you benefit from a global alumni network that extends to 189 in the world.

The Pardee School for Global Studies has five majors for students interested in studying regional and international topics.

It's really good that once you come out of college, you have a general knowledge of what's going on around the world, or how things run elsewhere in the world, so that it's really easy to ease yourself in. You'll have that advantage over other kids who don't.