BU Global

  • Boston University is anything but insular -- located in the heart of Boston, a thriving student centric city. Our diverse community includes students from 118+ countries, faculty in more than 75 countries, and vibrant student clubs and organizations to help you pursue research, study, and feel at home.
  • On campus, you’ll hear countless languages and dialects which allows you to find your niche. It should come as no surprise that BU launched the nation’s first collegiate international exchange program more than a century ago.
  • Engaging with people, ideas, and pressing issues that impact the world has always been vital to the University’s mission. Simply put, global engagement is in our DNA. 

I'm from Mumbai, India originally and what attracted me to Boston University as a whole first of all, Boston being a student-centric city and BU being one of the best schools in Boston, along with its diverse international population, the social clubs that it has here for international students, the cultural hub that BU hosts and the diversity that it hosts. So not only do you learn more about other cultures you interact with people you would not normally communicate with.

Besides that, professors at BU come from different nationalities as well as different backgrounds. Currently, I have a professor from my finance class who's from Etienne Zurich, which is a school in Switzerland. And when we go out into the future, when I'm working in different companies, or working in the real world with different sorts of people, we have that past experience to rely on. I think BU definitely helps you in that aspect because of the global population at BU.

For me having a "global perspective" is having no boundaries as to where you can work in the future or where an opportunity can take you. But also it's having an open mind with who you can end up being friends with. I am from Dominican Republic and when I first joined BU, somehow I ended up trying out for a Latin dance team here. As the semesters passed, I realized that these people like I actually had a lot in common with and it's not just because of their cultural background, but it's because of the culture that we share, like through dance or whatever like passion that you have.

BU being one of the best colleges here, it offers not only a great platform for me as an international student to experience college life in the US, but besides that, it also provides me a stepping stone towards life in the future.