Student Activities Office

  • BU has over 450 student groups from AdClub to the Zen Community providing you with endless ways to engage in your community
  • The Student Activities Office makes it easy to find a club that interests you—or start your own
  • BU Central hosts events throughout the year including concerts, comedy shows, and more
  • You also can make a difference on campus by getting involved in Student Government


BU has over 450 student groups on campus, everything from professional to cultural to anything in between. And if there aren't any clubs that you feel fit what you can do, you can start your own. So you just need to get a group of friends together, and go to our student activities office, and start whatever you are interested in and passionate about.

Boston University Central is located at the George Sherman Union, and it is the most colorful underground activities around campus. And they have free concerts and free events every Friday night, also some weekends.

One of the biggest events we host every year is right in the beginning. And it's a huge event called Splash. We have over 450 student groups, and every one of them gets a table. And freshman are allowed to walk around and really figure out what it is that they want to join.

They'll always be giving out free stuff, which is the funnest part. And you can sign up for anything and really talk to people about what it is that they do on campus, what communities they're involved in, and find out what it is that you fit in with here at BU.

The Back Bay Ball is a university-wide formal, that we dance most of the time, and we usually go with a group of friends. It's kind of like a tradition that I do every year to celebrate the hard work we did and also to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

The student government at Boston University is the representative of the Boston University Student Body. It's easy to get involved in student government, because BU really promote the sense of leadership. And getting involved with student government, it's a great chance to practice the leadership skills.