Community Service Center

  • The Community Service Center (CSC) provides opportunities to serve the Greater Boston community and beyond
  • Make your contribution by being part of the pledge made by BU Students to give back one million hours of community service as their donation to the Boston University Campaign
  • You can get involved before classes even begin through the popular First-Year Student Outreach Project
  • Participate in Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) where you can join hundreds of BU students to travel to locations around the US to engage in service projects over spring break
  • You could find yourself giving guitar lessons in a Boston elementary school or participating in Student Food Rescue, all through the CSC

Something that's really near and dear to my heart is the Community Service Center here at Boston University. I have participated in a variety of programs, whether that's our alternative spring break program, or my work with our first year student outreach program. I'll also be the program manager for After School, where we go into Boston's inner city schools, that have a low income communities, and we help provide academic support and college prep for students who don't have that resource at their school.

Over a quarter of the student population is involved at some point in their academic career with the community service center, which offers over 14 academic year programs. During the week of spring break, over 400 students have the opportunity to travel to 38 locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, to engage in service and focus areas ranging from human rights, to public health. The First Year Student Outreach Project is a week long program that students engage in during the week before classes began in the fall semester.

Throughout the week, students engage in service throughout 11 different focus areas ranging from animals, to human rights, to public health. And it's a great way to become engaged in the greater Boston community, while moving in early and making new friends before the first day of classes even begins. This service opportunity really provides a great context for where students are going to be spending their next four years, and is a great way to kick start your community service initiatives that you'll carry with you throughout your entire academic career.