George Sherman Union

  • The George Sherman Union (GSU) is the hub of student life at BU. This vibrant building houses a food court, the GSU Link, Metcalf Ballroom, Dean of Students, and little nooks for students to organize events, study or meet up with friends.
  • Students can choose from a plethora of food options such as Rhett’s Diner, Greens and Grains Salads, Basho, Panda Expressand Charles River Bread Company (CRBC).
  • The GSU connects to BU’s largest library on campus, Mugar Library, so students do not need to brave the elements during study sessions and grabbing some fuel. In the lower level of the GSU, BU Central is both an entertainment space and opportunities express many areas of interest.
  • In the Fall & Spring semesters, you will find students enjoying BU’s weekly Farmers Market in the GSU courtyard as well as other festivals to engage students in their community.

Hi, welcome to the George Sherman Union. Not only is this the place known for its great food. It's also one of the many social halls here at Boston University. So let's go inside and check it out!

Here we are at the first floor to George Sherman Union or the "GSU" for short. Right here is the Link where student organizations will have fundraisers and other opportunities to get involved.

The first place you'll pass entering the food hall is City Convenience, which is a nice place to get a quick bite or drink when you either rush into class or up late night studying.

There's many options here to eat. My to go-to favorites or Rhett's Dining where you get a nice burger and fry and milkshake and CRBC which makes really good sandwiches. My go-to? Grilled cheese and mozzarella with a tomato soup on the side. That's the one right there!

A couple other dining options here are Basha Express, Hallal Guys, and Greens and Grains.

Some also really cool things about the food hall is the fact you use your dining points to purchase food here. And if you're ever in a rush? Order in advance visa GrubHub. Your dining points work there too.

Additionally, on the first floor to GSU is Mugar Memorial Library, which has five floors of different levels of interactive study.

Here on the second floor of the GSU you'll find the Dean of Students, Office Community Service Center, and Metcalf Ballroom-- where we are right now. There are many things hosted here, including lecture series, dance workshops, comedy shows, and concerts.

On the bottom floor of the GSU we have the Center for Gender Sexuality and Awareness, BU Student Government, and BU Central.

This is a GSU courtyard, a nice place for students to either come out to study, eat lunch, or hang out with their friends.

And when it's a nice day like today, I usually come out here, sit down, relax, and listen to music.

And that is the end of the tour of the George Sherman Union. Thank you so much for coming along. Now, I have a paper to write!