George Sherman Union

  • The George Sherman Union (GSU) is the hub of student life at BU
  • Students come to the GSU to eat at the food court, meet with study groups, organize events, attend concerts, and more
  • Every day, you’ll find student organizations in the GSU Link, recruiting new members, promoting upcoming events, or doing fundraisers
  • BU Central is housed on the lower level and offer both entertainment and opportunities to connect with classmates
  • The GSU also hosts the annual Farmers' Market every fall

Hi guys. My name is Charina Ortega. I'm a junior in the College of Engineering studying biomedical engineering. So, we're right in front of the GSU, the George Sherman Union, which is the center for student life. So, why don't you come along with me and I'll show you around?

When you first walk into the George Sherman Union, you find yourself in the link, which is an area where the student groups can promote themselves and promote their activities. Also on the first floor is the Union Court, which is a food court where students can grab a bite and hang out with their friends. And Mugar Memorial Library is also here. It's one of the main libraries on campus for students to study.

One of my favorite places inside the Union Court is probably Starbucks Coffee. And this is because as an engineering student, I tend to stay up late studying. One of the best parts about both Starbucks and all the other locations inside Union Court is that they take dining points, which is part of your meal plan. And I think I'm going to get a coffee right now.

On the upper floors of the George Sherman Union, you'll find the Community Service Center, the Dean of Students' office, and Metcalf Grand Ballroom. So, right now we're in Metcalf Grand Ballroom, which is a large hall venue for hosting things like lecture series, dance workshops, comedy shows, and concerts. A couple years ago, we had Childish Gambino and a couple of folks from Saturday Night Live come. And I went to both events, and they were awesome.

So, right behind me is the George Sherman Union courtyard. It's a great place to come study and hang out on a nice day. And downstairs of the George Sherman Union, we have the Howard Thurman Center, the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Awareness, the student government office, and BU Central.

Thank you again for taking a tour of the George Sherman Union with me. As you can see, it's a great place for students and student life. I have to run out to class now, but I'm looking forward to seeing you on campus.