Marsh Plaza

  • Marsh Plaza is located in the heart of campus and is the gathering place for our community for events ranging from celebrations of our winning sports teams, being featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and solemn candlelight vigils
  • Named for BU’s fourth president, Marsh Chapel is the home of spiritual life for students of all faiths with 21 religious life groups and eight University Chaplains
  • The Free at Last sculpture in the center of the plaza honors BU alumnus Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who graduated from BU in 1955 with a Ph.D. in systematic theology


Hello, everyone. My name is Joe Ferme. I'm a senior here at BU in our College of Arts and Sciences, studying biochemistry and molecular biology. And I'm originally from Long Island, New York.

And right now we are at Marsh Plaza. Marsh Plaza represents the geographical center-most point of our campus here along the Charles River. And it's aptly named after Marsh Chapel, which is right behind me over here. So while Boston University is a nondenominational university, Marsh Chapel here is an interdenominational chapel. There's a variety of services going on throughout the week.

So being that Marsh Plaza here is the geographical center-most point of our campus, students are passing through it at every moment of every single day. And it truly has become a great gathering place for our community. There are also two great landmarks that are very important to Boston University here.

The one right behind me is a great homage to one of our more famous alumni, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., graduate of our graduate School of Theology. And that statue is comprised of 50 iron doves. And the rumor is that once world peace is finally achieved, those will break free and become real.

The second one is the Boston University coat of arms right in the center of Marsh Plaza. And the great tradition and rumor behind that is that if you step on it as an undergraduate student, you won't graduate in four years. So, although I don't consider myself most superstitious person in the world, I have yet to step on that seal.

Behind me now is the Boston University Warren Alpert Mall, except nobody actually calls it that. What we here at BU call it is the BU Beach. And, as I'm sure many of you noticed right away, it doesn't look like much of a beach. But so it's said that, on a nice day when the sun is shining, you can lay down on the beach, de-stress a little, and close your eyes. And the cars driving by on Storrow Drive sound like waves crashing at a beach.

So thanks for checking out Marsh Plaza and the BU Beach with me. Don't forget that-- when you visit campus-- to lay down on the BU Beach and check out those waves crashing. Now I have to run and play an intramural softball game, but I hope to see you all on campus soon.