South Campus Residences

  • South Campus is home to the largest number of on-campus apartments
  • South Campus Residences offer you both apartment - and dorm-style housing and brownstones in a neighborhood setting
  • You will be only a short walk from historic Fenway Park, Kenmore Square, and the center of campus
  • These apartments include studio apartments for one and two, one-bedroom apartments for two, two-bedroom apartments for three and four, as well as a limited number of multiple-occupancy apartments in which residents have their own bedroom
  • South Campus is home to Specialty Housing, including Earth House, an environmentally-focused community, and BU’s first for-credit Living-Learning community

Hi, my name's Rebecca, and we're here in South Campus. South Campus has a variety of different on-campus living options for students including apartments and brownstones. So come with me and I'll show you around. You can live here all the way up until your senior year. It really has that neighborhood feel, but it's still a part of campus. And it's really close to all of your classes, as well as to the center of campus.

I lived in South Campus last summer. And I really liked it because the outside has this historic look, but the inside is really modern. Your typical South Campus residence will hold between one and four students. And then each apartment has their own kitchen and living area, so you can hang out with your friends and cook meals for yourself, which is really convenient.

Another great thing about South Campus is you're really close to Fenway Park. So it's just a short walk to catch a baseball game with your friends. You're also really close to Star Grocery and a landmark shopping center, which has stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well as a movie theater so you can go catch a movie with your friends.

Thank you guys for walking around South Campus with me. I'd highly recommend that you come and see it in person. I have to go catch the bus, but I can't wait to meet you all here at Boston University.