West Campus Residences

  • Three co-ed residence halls, Claflin Hall, Rich Hall, and Sleeper Hall, overlook BU’s Nickerson Field and are home to more than 1,800 undergraduate students
  • Working with Resident Assistants, Resident Sustainability Leaders promote sustainability in student housing and provide support to residents on sustainability subjects
  • You have a variety of room styles, including singles, doubles, triples and quads
  • The three dorms feature study lounges, laundry rooms, music rooms with a piano, print stations, outdoor bike racks, and TV lounges
  • Home of the very popular Fresh Food Co. at West Campus dining hall, where you'll find the famous West Burger
  • You will have easy access to the Student Village including Agganis Arena and the Fitness & Recreation Center, as well as an MBTA station

Hi there, my name's Griffin. I'm in the School of Education studying social studies education. Here we are in West Campus. Come with me and we'll check it out.

Here we are on Nickerson Field, the center of West Campus. Over on my right, we have Claflin Hall. Directly behind me, we have Sleeper Hall, and on my left, we have Rich Hall. I lived in Rich Hall my freshman year. It was a great experience. It's a great facility.

Sleeper Hall has a special residency floor for students in the College of Engineering. All dorms in West Campus have single occupancy, double occupancy, and triple occupancy rooms.

Here we are in the West Campus dining hall, located in between all three residence halls in West Campus. Home to the famous West burger. It's one of my favorite places to eat on campus.

In general, residence halls will have a laundry room, a TV room, a game room, a study room, a mail room, and a music room with a piano. Makes it a great place to live.

Here we are in front of Claflin Hall. Like Rich Hall and Sleeper Hall, was named after one of the founders of Boston University. In Claflin Hall, there's residence specially floors for students in the College of Communications and the College of Fine Arts.

So now you have better idea of what student life is like here in West Campus. I got to run to class, but I look forward to seeing you here at Boston University.