Yawkey Center for Student Services


Hi, my name is DJ Rock. I'm majoring in journalism in the College of Communication. And we're standing right outside of Yawkey Center for Student Services. Inside there are a ton of resources that will really help you out as a BU student. So follow me inside, and I'll show you around.


So we're here at the sixth floor of the Yawkey Center for Student Services. And located on this floor are things like the Educational Resource Center and the Center for Career development.

At the Center for Career Development, you can find resources that help you find out what you want to do after graduation-- so things like resume building, cover letter critiques, practice interviews, career counseling, really anything you need to get that job after graduation. So the Educational Resource Center is where you're going to want to come when you need help with those really hard classes-- whether it's things like peer tutoring or language link where you get help with foreign languages or writing help.

We're here at the fourth floor, and here's where you'll find our academic advising. You can think of our advisers kind of like your guidance counselors in high school. They help you with things like figuring out what classes you need to graduate, how certain credits may transfer from high school. And we also have our pre-professional advisers. So if you're pre-law or pre-med, you can come and meet and help figure out what classes you need to take before getting there.

Here on the third floor is the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Writing. Students in every major will take some writing classes while at BU, and most students will take them through the Writing 100 and Writing 150 courses through the College of Arts and Sciences. But don't worry. There are over 350 seminars offered every year, so you can really pick the topic that you want to write about.

Here on the first and second floor is Marciano Commons, BU's newest dining hall and my personal favorite on campus. Here you'll find over a dozen different stations, serving food from all over the world.

So as you can see, the Yawkey Center for Student Services is a state-of-the-art facility that a lot of students use all over the campus for tons of help-- whether it's academic, professional, or just to get some food in the dining hall.

I'm off to my next class, but you guys should really come and check it out for yourselves in person. And I hope to see you in the dining hall sometime soon.