Center for Career Development

  • A four-step career development approach is offered to help you shape your future as soon as you arrive on campus
  • Trained career counselors advise you as you explore academic concentrations, internships, career paths, and graduate school options
  • On-campus recruiting connects you with both large career expos (with nearly 600 companies and organizations) and smaller information sessions with employers offering jobs and internships
  • Handshake is BU’s online career development hub, exclusively for students and alumni to access resources, opportunities, and events 
  • Skill-development workshops, mock interviews, resume critiquing, and networking opportunities with alumni help prepare you for life beyond BU
  • 93 percent of recent graduates, within six months of graduation, find employment or placement in graduate programs, military service, or fellowships 

Students can start using the Center for Career Development while they're here for their freshman orientation. And they really should take advantage of that as soon as possible because these resources are there for all of our students from day one.

We have something called the four step career development cycle, and this basically consists of steps that students can take in order to find a job that they truly enjoy. The first step is self-assessment. This is where students figure out what they're good at, what their skills are, and what their interests are.

The second step is exploring different career options. You can look on BU Career Link, which will allow you to look at the variety of jobs that are available to BU students. The third step is building skills, and this is where you can attend a variety of workshops that we have at the CCD, or the Center for Career Development. The final step is making it happen. And this is where you can come in and talk to us about what you wear to the interview, how you send a thank you note, and how you negotiate a salary.

We have nearly 600 recruiters come to our career expo every year. And through that, I've been able to meet so many people in the industry, sign up for internships, and build that connection right here on campus.

And the Center for Career Development provides resources such as mock interviews, resume and cover letter workshops. You can do resume and cover letter workshops one on one with your adviser or professional staff member, or you can do it in a group setting.

I think the Center for Career Development at Boston University really prepares you, not just for the job that you land after graduation, but really for the career that you're looking for. The professional skills that I've gained through working with the Center for Career Development, that's been really meaningful for me. But I think, more importantly, it's all about thinking long term career, what you're passionate about. And that's the environment that's fostered here.