Educational Resource Center

  • Resources such as peer tutoring; language group discussions; and time-management, writing, and test-prep workshops are available
  • ERC staff are available to meet with you individually to develop your personalized study plan
  • Staff will help you refine the academic skills and disciplined approach to study needed for success in BU’s rigorous programs
  • Special workshops to assist international students are offered

I'm Kelani Sakumoto, and I'm studying business. The Educational Resource Center is a comprehensive academic support system for students. We have a variety of services. The biggest one is peer tutoring. This is a chance for students to come in and get one on one support with another student who has done well in a course. We also have a writing center so students can come in and get their essays or papers reviewed with a writing fellow.

We also have a language link program. And this is a chance for students to meet in a casual language group and practice a language that they're interested in learning. Finally, we have academic advising, where students can meet one on one with an academic advisor to figure out what their interests are, and how that parlays into a major that they can actually study.

I'm Elizabeth Burke, and I'm studying international relations. The ERC actually has specific workshops for international students. They also have a writing program that's specific to international students. They also have people on staff, in terms of individual advising, who work specifically with international students. Coming into a big school like BU can seem very daunting. And we have a very well known academic reputation. It's a tough school, and people know that and respect that.

So the ERC offers that additional help. If you're struggling whatsoever, all the services here are free. So you know that you can come here and someone will help you and get you to the help that you need.