Undergraduate Research at BU

  • One of only three schools in Boston and Cambridge that is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU) - a prestigious group of top universities in the U.S. and Canada recognized for research and excellence in undergraduate education
  • An impressive number and range of research opportunities for undergraduates, available as early as your first year
  • Numerous ways to get involved, including our Directed Study for independent research
  • With more than $1 million in annual funding, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) afford students the opportunity to pursue research in any academic discipline
  • Students interested in sustainability research are encouraged to participate in BU’s Campus Climate Lab, which uses the campus as a living laboratory to advance sustainability practices and support the University’s Climate Action Plan
  • Students and faculty are working on hundreds of research projects with $579.4 million in sponsored funding


Research definitely takes place in all disciplines here at Boston University-- whether you want to be doing hard science research in the laboratory over a microscope, or if you want to be researching history, or language, or literature.

Most of my professors, if not all, are still actively in the field learning something new and then that folds into their classes also. They really give you the opportunity as a student to enter the field in a way that you may not at other universities.

The opportunities that are offered through Directed Study, which is also known as independent research, are really plentiful. You can really conduct your own research, and be funded by the university. And also receive academic credit to do any sort of research project that you'd like to do.

You can start doing research as early as you want, even freshman year. There's absolutely opportunities as long as you're willing to go out and get them.

I started my research my sophomore year, but through the undergraduate research opportunities program or UROP, I was really able to continue that into the summer. I applied. I sent in my proposal. And they gave me funding to continue doing what I was really invested in at the moment and still now.

Personally, for me, I do research on the medical campus. I am currently data mining this protein and how it behaves in specific cancers.

Being a part of the American Association of Universities is a very incredible environment to be around. Within Boston and Cambridge there are actually only two other colleges that are part of that group of really prestigious research institutes. So it really is an incredible opportunity to go to a school that has so much foundation in research.