College of Fine Arts (CFA)

  • A conservatory-style program in three schools: Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts
  • Enhanced by the breadth and resources of a major teaching and research university, offering minors in BU’s other schools and colleges
  • CFA prepares you for a life in the arts through an arts leadership minor, study abroad opportunities in London and Venice, and internship instruction from professors who are scholars, performers, and working artists
  • CFA showcases more than 500 performances and exhibitions annually on campus and in Boston
  • Distinguished alumni include Julianne Moore, Jason Alexander, Uzo Aduba, animator Christian Roman, and members of symphonies and opera companies around the world


The College of Fine Arts hosts three schools-- Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre-- all of which are conservatory-style programs that benefit from the liberal arts curriculum, and research and resources from the larger university at hand.

Some of the CFA's distinguished alumni include Julianne Moore, Jason Alexander, the animator Christian Roman, and members of operas and symphonies around the world.

A colleague of mine who graduated in the past few years walked straight into a job with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. And he's actually now teaching back here at Boston University in the College of Fine Arts.

We have a lot of amazing professors, which is another reason why I chose BU. And it's really great to see that all my professors are also working artists, so they will bring into the classroom their most recent exhibit.

They have very successful music careers. Some of them are doing big orchestral performances. Others are well-established chamber musicians. And some are actually very famous soloists. So it's a wide spread.

Having an acting teacher who is still acting forms a relationship and an insight that otherwise they wouldn't have. Plus it gives you exposure to watch them work, and helps build a professional connection that you then have.

The CFA produces over 500 productions and exhibitions, not only on our campuses, but also in the greater Boston area. So we utilize Symphony Hall. We also utilize six galleries within the CFA. We also have several black box studios within the school, as well as the BUT, which is the BU Theatre, that is a Broadway-style commercial house.

Boston University is definitely committed to preparing students for a lifetime in the arts. We have so many resources through the University that prepare us, whether it's the Arts Leadership minor, in which you're taking classes that engage different disciplines here, or Study Abroad, which is really incredible. And it's a really wonderful opportunity that I know shapes a lot of people. I really love being a part of the College of Fine Arts here at Boston University.