College of Engineering (ENG)

  • Committed to "Creating Societal Engineers" — individuals with the ability and passion to quantitatively solve problems while also improving society
  • Majors include Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering and a variety cutting-edge concentrations and minors
  • As a student, you can conduct research alongside distinguished engineering professors
  • A hub for biomedical and engineering industry leaders, students can intern at places like Raytheon, EMC, Bose, Amazon Robotics, Microsoft, IBM, or Genzyme
  • Study abroad programs in Australia and Spain are specifically designed for engineering students
  • The Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC) offers undergraduates hands-on exposure to the complete product design-to-deployment process through flexible teaching space, demonstration areas, labs, and a fabrication facility. It is one of the few and largest such “makerspaces” among engineering schools nationally
  • ENG’s undergraduate engineering program is ranked #46 in the country by US. News and World Report
  • All students complete senior design projects juried by faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.

A societal engineer is what BU tries to create through putting engineers in an environment where they have to work with others, not necessarily in their degree. They have to acknowledge all the other things that an engineer needs to see in the world, problems with management, problems with how to make it, where's it coming from, make a difference in the world. It just makes us more aware of everything in the process. There are a lot of majors in the engineering department. There is mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering.

Every undergraduate student gets a chance to do research here at BU. You could actually get funded for research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. I have UROP for the past two semesters, and I'm currently researching this protein and how it behaves in specific cancers. It's great because I get to do research with my faculty professor.

It's actually really easy to work with the faculty because every year they hold these research fairs where the faculty present their ideas to students, and students can present their resumes to the faculty. For example, there's a professor working on solar panels that clean themselves through electricity. So there's a lot of opportunities here at BU for research.

There are a lot of advantages of studying engineering in the great city of Boston, especially because it's a central hub for biomedical engineering and giant engineering industries in the area.

I'm looking forward to senior design next year, especially because I get to work with faculty, as well as working on my own research project with them. Once you finish your senior design project, you present in front of esteemed faculty, alumni, and industry leaders, and they get to judge you on how well your senior project went. You get to see these leaders, and they get to see you. And they get to possibly hire you because of your project.