College of Communication (COM)

  • Study in Boston, one of the largest media markets in the US in top-ranking programs including one of the Top 25 US Film Schools and the #12 ranked journalism program in the country
  • With the assistance of COM Career Services, students have also interned around the world, from LA to London, in their field with 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, and Project Runway, to name a few
  • COM students gain hands-on experience at butv10, our on-campus TV station; WTBU, a student-run radio station; our award-winning student-run agencies AdLab and PRLab; and the Daily Free Press, an independently run student newspaper
  • Alumni include 19 Pulitzer Prize-winning graduates, Emmy-award winning faculty, and alumnae named among the most powerful women in Hollywood
  • Intern at BU’s Washington Journalism Center or The Los Angeles Internship Program or study abroad in one of more than 80 programs around the globe


I decided to come to the College of Communication here at BU, just because of the level of expertise that our faculty has. Our faculty are Pulitzer Prize winners, they've made films, they've done ad campaigns. My professor currently has his book as the number one New York Times bestseller. So they're still practicing in the field, and they're still really sharing to just help you out, and to really give you that advantage in life.

I love studying communications in the city of Boston, because it's one of the largest media markets here in the US. The college has some of the best alumni networking opportunities in the city. We have some of the most powerful women in Hollywood.

Other prominent alumni include Jay Roewe, who's the executive producer for Game of Thrones at HBO. The talent range of people coming out of COM is huge. Students get hands on experience from the first day they walk in to COM, if they so choose. There's great events and clubs. WTBU, which is the radio station.

My first semester this year, I took a class called radio newsroom. And as a part of that class, I would show up and have 2 and 1/2 hours to go and report. And my class and I together would make a 30 minute news show at 11:30, after only being there for 2 and 1/2 hours. And a lot of my friends who are studying film and TV have gotten internships through the LA program, so they're currently out in LA writing films, working at HBO, or working at A&E. So it's a really great opportunity to again, get that hands on experience, both inside and outside the classroom.