College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

  • More than 70 majors and an extensive selection of minors in the humanities and the social, natural, and computational sciences
  • CAS faculty includes Nobel Laureates, a former US Poet Laureate, MacArthur Fellow, a National Book Award winner, members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Guggenheim Fellows, and many others recognized as leaders in their fields
  • One-on-one interaction with award-winning faculty through research and programs such as CORE
  • Individual guidance from CAS's team of academic advisors (includes pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary, and pre-law advising), creating a tight-knit learning community at the heart of our large research university
  • The First-Year Experience (FY101) course offers you a fantastic way to transition into the BU community and all aspects of college life
  • Dual Degree, double major, and combined BA/MA opportunities to chart your unique academic pathway
  • Honors in the major is an independent study program that allows students to dig deeper into their major or minor and graduate with honors.


Hi everyone, my name is Anbita Siregar. I am a computer science major, and I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. The College of Arts and Sciences is our biggest college on campus, but it's also one of our most prestigious. We like to call the College of Arts and Sciences the heart of BU's academics, because no matter what school you're in, no matter what college you decide to pursue, you will have some classes in the College of Arts and Sciences throughout your four years here.

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, there are 70 academic programs, which means there's really something for everyone. The college of Arts and Sciences is the liberal arts college within Boston University. All students are required to take courses throughout the core academic disciplines, ranging from mathematics, to the natural sciences, and foreign language.

There are two different ways to fulfill your liberal arts requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences, one being, you choose whatever classes you like from the course catalog. You have hundreds of options, you just choose the one's that you like that fulfill that requirement, and you're done. The other way is the core curriculum.

It's a program that essentially looks for the intellectual development of mankind from some of our earliest written texts, until now. The core curriculum also looks for an interdisciplinary approach to these things, so as in the humanities, you're reading about Genesis and the beginning of everything, you're also studying the origins of the universe in the natural sciences section. And I think that is part of what made core so interesting to me, was looking for the connections between those different disciplines.

I think one factor of the College of Arts and Sciences that makes it such a great experience for students is how dedicated our faculty are to us.

The large size of the College of Arts and Sciences ensures that there's a large array of advisers, and faculty members that are great resources for students, whether they're pursuing an internship opportunity, or really helping students to figure out their career choice as they graduate from their four years at Boston University.

The first year experience program is a way for you to get a support system inside the College of Arts and Sciences. It's a one hour class that meets once a week, with about 20 students, a professor, as well as an upperclassman mentor.